If you are wondering what’s in store for a visiting geek in Japan, wonder no more. Here we give you a few ideas on the best geeky and nerdy things to do in Tokyo to get you started. The possibilities seem endless. But you got to start somewhere, right? So here goes.

1. Start your geeky adventures on board the All Nippon Airways’ Star Wars-themed aircraft or Japan Airlines’ Minion-themed jet. Or you take the EVA Airlines flight on board a Hello Kitty plane.

2. Stay in a ninja-themed guest house, a capsule hotel, or accommodation bookshop.

3. Catch up on some manga reading at a Manga Kissa.

4. Indulge your inner otaku by exploring the many shops and attractions in Akihabara. Check out the electronics, anime and manga merchandise, and gaming arcades. Not to mention the themed dining options including the famous maid cafes.

5. Keep your geek game on while enjoying a delicious meal or snack in one of the themed bars, cafes, and restaurants like the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara and the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku to name a few. Or you can opt for the high-tech tablet ordering system and conveyor belt delivery dining experience at Sushiro.

6. Visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, also known as (Miraikan), in Odaiba. See the permanent exhibitions that allow you to explore Earth and space, technology, and other innovations. Or you can opt for more immersive experiences by taking part in one of the activities and workshops to choose from.

7. See the over 19-meter Unicorn Gundam statue at the waterfront district of Odaiba.

8. Have your gadgets blessed or seek divine intervention on your tech-related problems at the Kanda Myojin Shrine.

9. Ride a bullet train for a day trip outside Tokyo.