Travelling Like You’re Just Playing CS:GO

If there’s one activity in this world that every one of us would love to do over and over again in our current lifetime, it would be travelling. You see, there’s just something about doing so that makes one want to see just about every single place in this world. Because aside from the fact that travelling allows you to see places you’ve only seen from others’ pictures before, there’s also the fact that travelling allows you to keep your body healthy enough to explore in what the world has yet to offer you without getting pained that [Continue reading...]

6 Must-Read Books for People Who Love Food and Travel

If you are looking for ideas for food and travel destinations or for something to interesting to read, here are some of the best reads you need on your list. From a chef's tales of food adventures around the world to a writer's stories of a more personal relationship with food, you will find these books to be fascinating reads. A Cook's Tour: Global Adventure in Extreme Cuisines by Anthony Bourdain If there is someone you can trust to know a lot about food from around the world, it would be Chef, TV host, and author Anthony Bourdain. A [Continue reading...]