7 Street Foods to Try from Around the World


Arepas con chorizo
Arepa (Colombia)
What is it: Flabreads made with flour or ground maize dough. Colombian arepas are often enjoyed topped with butter, cheese, or chorizo among other choices of toppings


Banh mi
Banh mi (Vietnam)
What is it: Vietnamese sandwich made with baguette and fillings like meat, pickled carrots, and vegetables among others


Chili crab
Chili crab (Singapore)
What is it: Commonly found in hawker centres across Singapore, chili crabs is a delicious, spicy dish. Ingredients include crabs, chili, and a special sauce that strikes that balance between sweetness and sourness


Crepes Paris
Crepes (France)
What is it: From sweet to savory, crêpes in cities like Paris are among the delicious must-try eats when in France.


Currywurst (Germany)
What is it: Widely available across Germany, curryworst is pork sausage (steamed then fried) served with curry powder, ketchup, and fries.


Halo-Halo (Philippines)
What is it: Literally meaning mix-mix, halo-halo is a quintessential Filipino dessert made with shaved ice, beans, leche flan, ube (purple yam), evaporated milk, and a wide array of other sweet ingredients often served topped with a scoop or more of ice cream.


Jerk chicken
Jerk chicken (Jamaica)
What is it: Chicken marinated in a special sauce then grilled over charcoal